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Innovate. Nurture. Excel.

Innovate. Nurture. Excel.

Nutan Incubation Centre (NIC) is more than just a place; it's a launchpad for your visionary ideas, a nurturing ground for your startups, and an avenue for you to excel beyond your wildest dreams. Our passion lies in propelling innovation, cultivating your talents, and guiding you on the path to extraordinary success.

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The mission of Nutan Incubation Centre

We exist to Innvote - to inspire and transform your ideas into groundbreaking solutions that reshape industries. We are here to Nurture - to provide the mentorship, resources, and ecosystem that young startups need to thrive. We are here to help you Excel - to witness your growth into the giants of tomorrow.

  • Expert Mentor Pool

    Access a network of experienced mentors who've been there and done that. They'll be your guiding stars, helping you navigate the startup galaxy.

  • Booster Tools

    Our toolbox is filled with state-of-the-art resources, innovation labs, and cutting-edge technologies, giving your ideas the boost they deserve.

  • Industry Partners

    Connect with industry leaders, collaborators, and investors who share your vision and are eager to be part of your success story.

  • Region's Best Resources

    Located at the heart of Talegaon and Pune, we bring you the region's finest resources to help you dream big and achieve even bigger.

The mission of Nutan Incubation Centre

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What Incubatee say's about us

‘My journey with NIC has been nothing short of transformative. From the outset, their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. The team at NIC not only celebrated my successes but, crucially, stood by me during moments of misstep. Their commitment to correction and constructive feedback has been valuable, shaping not just my venture but also fostering my personal growth as a founder. With NIC, I've found more than an incubation center; I've found a dedicated partner invested in the success of my startup.’


‘The Nutan Incubation Centre has been a blessing for our startup idea 💡. The incubators at NIC have been incredibly helpful, guiding our team at every step of our startup journey. They offer advice on what to do and what not to do, provide updates on opportunities, and advise on how to navigate competitions. NIC has played a pivotal role by providing us with a workspace to develop our startup. I express my gratitude to NIC for their assistance, and I also want to thank NMIET for establishing NIC in our college.’

Apna Labour

‘My journey with Nutan Incubation Center has been transformative. The exposure to various opportunities, competitions, and mini events has honed my skills and expanded my perspective. The unwavering support, both on and off campus, has been instrumental in navigating challenges. Beyond the tangible assistance, NIC has been a guiding light in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, illuminating the path from uncertainty to clarity. Grateful for the invaluable lessons and constant encouragement on this journey with Nutan Incubation Center.’


The Nutan Incubation Centre ( NIC ) has been very supportive to all of our professional endeavours. They provide excellent facilities, mentorship, guidance, and much more. It encourages a culture that motivates us to go beyond our limits and potential. They also conduct informative and insightful sessions by industry experts that fuel our curiosity and enrich our existing knowledge. We're very greatful to be a part of NIC.